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Work with me

The core of my message with my book Heart On Break is to bridge a gap… One between you and your purpose. Men easily get lost trying to appease to the new standards of feminine America. You know, the kind of political correctness that encourages you to shut up when you should speak up; the idea that you should follow all the rules and live your life the make the women in your life happy. All that is designed to keep you confused because rule following and woman pleasing will never make you happy. If you follow this formula as a man, you won’t truly feel fulfilled in your life.

You fell for the Oky Doke if you think having “bad b*tch” is what makes you a man or validates you. What it does is it puts you in a position where you’re working hard to maintain superficial status to keep a woman who wouldn’t work to keep you or support you. Many of the men I’ve worked with have fallen for this. And yes, I know most men want ass and most of us are willing to do whatever necessary to get more of it. But for whatever reason, these same men still can’t hold a meaningful relationship- with a bad b*tch or an average chick. And these men often fall out of the lives of their children, too. If you’re aware of your shortcomings with women, stop believing that the solution is learning more game. Trust me, I know it feels good when women are into you….

But it's a lot deeper than that and I'll explain

Are you subject to any of the following:

  • Product of a single parent household
  • Parents never been together, nor have you ever seen them get along
  • You don’t have many lessons taught to you by a relevant father or male figure
  • Raised 80%+ by your mother and women
  • Never been in a physical fight where you successfully defended yourself
  • You were never encouraged to find you purpose or live up to your potential
  • You don’t feel confident for superficial reasons like body image or lack of material things
  • You have no special skills you can use to earn a living
  • You’re willing to drop everything for love
  • You have a history with women who you chase and then they leave you
  • You avoid confrontations even when you should be slapping the sh*t out of someone

Do you have any of these tendencies?

If so, I know I can help you. And as a disclaimer, it’s never about her; never about your children; never about the money, rather it’s always about you and what you do or don’t do. Everything is about personally accountability and you will be challenged to look at you first  in every situation.

Work with me

Work with me