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The Dangers of Gender Neutrality

So many people think that women doing masculine things is a sign of progress or empowerment.

It’s not at all, actually.

It was all about having more bodies in the corporate work field after World War II had many men abroad fighting. Ideas were created that supported women’s empowerment under the guises of “a woman can do what a man can.”

That was lie. Have you seen how the health index of women has been on decline in the last 50 years? Guess what that came with- you guessed it, more work and the adapting of masculine principles as normal.

It’s really out of function and role, but many women feel they don’t have a choice but to work as hard as a man would. Gender neutralization is a

brand pushed by feminist ideals that only contributes to the continued struggles among men and women. With all that also came an onslaught

on men- marketing to boys hyper-masculine ideals of manhood that are degrading to women and lacking in true and actual purpose. Pair these underdeveloped men with women and the damage continues.

Check out this episode. Let me know what you think.

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Was this real or nah?
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