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Program her right

Written by Nakada

Have you ever analyzed the programming girls get from society today?

If you haven’t ever considered this social phenomenon then this post will show you some of the ideals society has programmed our young women and girls to accept the programming of the societal agenda when they should be being programmed by the men they consummate with.

So let’s inspect some of the standards of what we teach our girls and women:

  • We associate our girls with the color pink.

  • We expose them to Barbie, a “pretty” woman who has it all and has a handsome man (who is not her husband) named Ken. She lives in a nice house, has a nice car and all the things a girl needs.

  • We teach them that being good looking is as good as gold.

  • We teach women that she has the right to change her mind while a man’s word is his bond.

  • We teach women that men are all dogs and all they want is sex.

  • We teach women that strong masculinity is dangerous, yet somehow mysterious.

So even if the women you know were taught to have more substance about themselves than just the typical societal indicators, they also had to endure a world where these ideals are being taught to our girls and women even when they are totally unaware of the influences. No matter how good of a job you do at home protecting your daughter, if you send them out into this world for anything, they’ll learn these common ideals that today’s feminine fueled society programs women to believe about men.

So what’s wrong with these ideals?

A lot. But most people aren’t aware of the conflict this creates in today’s modern version of relationships. First of all, when first considering colorizing gender, they initially associated pink with boys then changed things to pink for girls and blue for men. Barbie was female idolization and has done more damage to the institution of marriage than anything else girls learn today. Barbie says that if you’re pretty, you’ll be taken care of. What does Barbie do? Is Barbie somebody’s wife or does she just have a rich boyfriend name Ken? How does Barbie afford all the sh*t she has? All of the girls who played with Barbies were being fed an ideal that their very own mothers didn’t even live in if their mothers worked for a living.  My mother’s mother never worked outside the home/family, but my mother eventually did and 85% of the women I’ve known have had working mothers, not Barbie mothers. The Barbie world is a dream world b/c the majority of the women who grew up playing with Barbie never lived a lifestyle anywhere near to Barbie’s. Barbie doesn’t pay rent!

They teach our girls to dress up and look pretty for he benefit of gaining favor with the men they have relationships with as well as the men they call their bosses at work. But obviously, this strategy works better in the workplace than it does in the dating world- at least in the workplace she’s getting paid to look pretty and she knows what to expect from her employer. Can’t say the same in the dating world.

How many women under 45 years old do you know whose mothers were house wives? Not many, right? Well just a generation before, the overwhelming majority of moms stayed home with their children to actually raise and teach them. And yes-husbands valued this role mothers played. Barbie has been very damaging because she teaches girls that their value will be higher if they fit societies mold of what beautiful is. The media wave has done an effective job of making men seem like the last person women want to listen to and those who fall for that feminist trick end up struggling in relationships because their fear of masculine men has led them to hyper-masculine or feminized men who damage them little by little in every casual relationships they have with these caliber of men.

It only gets worse with the ridiculousness of “a woman has the right to change her mind.” Where did this come from and how has the so called freedom of indecisiveness been beneficial for anyone ever? Why would this behavior yield better results for today’s women when it’s yielded no results for anyone else? Women bought into these concepts of femininity even if it was illogical and damaging because the influence of these media pushed ideals is flat out stronger than that of men who want to marry and lead. There’s no entitlement bestowed on changing your mind as a man. It’s considered weak. And a man who changed his mind about a woman he once loved will be met with public shame and guilt.


That’s all programming

You can’t refute all this because it’s a truth of today’s societal conditions. This is how Western society has evolved in regards to the standards of women and it’s all by design. The plan is to separate the woman from the man, make her an “independent” entity and put strife between them. Men in the Western world get a similar high dosage of materialistic, drug abuse, thug life, ego based hyper-masculinity that fuels their own self-destruction and as well as their casual abuse of women. I won’t talk about the false ideals women are taught without acknowledging the same level of BS that is taught to men. We’re all being programmed and for many of us it might be too late.

But the difference between men and women is that men will impart their programming and their malfunctioning unto the women they have sex with. Most women weren’t taught that their sexual biochemistry was designed to also receive a man’s physiological state of being from sexual encounters. Condom or no condom, women are wide open to these energies when they engage in sexual acts with men. The feminist agenda has minimized sex and reproduction to just orgasms, sperm and ejaculation, but in actuality it’s much deeper than that. Women weren’t taught that other than the programming of her culture that she receives from home, the most powerful programming would come from the man she chooses to marry through sexual consummation. Notice I use marry rather than just sex. Having sex is marriage activity, not a casual activity outside the realm of marriage. If you’re having sex you are marrying each other, be it only for the moment, for a a few months or forever. Society doesn’t teach it this way even though sex is clearly a bonding mechanism for men and women.

Why weren’t women taught this should be the real question. It’s more damaging to women to have what she believes to be casual sex, only to feel intensely attached/bonded to a man who has moved on from her, that she thought she could easily move on from, too. But that’s how they make it seem on TV: like you can just have sex and move on with ease when the relationship is over. But that’s not how it happens in real life. Hormones bond us and even if it were just casual sex, there’s a lot more to the sex act than just the releasing of sexual fluids. Many women believe that the core of who they are and what they believe is already formed and a man’s impact on her his secondary to the impact and influence of today’s culture. This is also programming designed to influence a woman to put her role in society above her role in her family. This kind of programming fools a woman into believing that she’s independent– even if she gets plenty of help from family, men, lovers or the government (the big man). Women have been duped and after being sexually active, they become largely confused about which programming is right for them. It’s sad that men have allowed our mothers, daughters and sisters to be reduced to societal games.


The master programmer is you, the Man

The energy a man gives to his woman during sex is the same energy he uses to maneuver through the world. If he is lost and struggling with who he is (nothing to do with money or status), then this is what he’s effectively giving to the women he has sexual relationships with. But if he knows himself and his purpose in life, he imparts this confidence unto the women he marries sexually. If he is dominant in purpose a woman will feel this intense strength and she might even begin to behave in this manner as well.

Why aren’t men taught this?

Do you know how powerful you’d feel as a man if you knew beforehand of the power you have to program a woman through sexual contact? That feeling of power would undoubtedly transfer to the woman because she’ll feel what your loving does to her bio-chemistry, her thoughts and ideals. Even today’s woman who is filled with a variety of ideas about who they are can admit to the intense feeling of allegiance they develop from sexual relations with men. Since men have been under the programming of powerlessness, many men approach sex with the idea that the woman is the superior sexual being, when in fact she’s not. The cultural programming of women has disillusioned women into believing their vagina is the holy grail of sex, so they approach sex from the position that a man should feel privileged to be just be having sex with them. If a man believes this, his programming will be minimal and weak. The women he engages with sexually will see him as a penis or a laborer, rather than a god who can change her entire life when he penetrates her sexually.

The feminists of today don’t want to acknowledge this inherit metaphysical power of man because they’re in competition with men for power and rights. But it’s not the woman’s fault. After all, feminism is just a tool used by those at the top to cause chaos and confusion among gender role and function in the society. The architects of this social movement knew that women respond to the programming of men so they sought to program the masses of women biochemically (birth control & food), educationally (k-12 & beyond schooling) and via the incessant media waves.

It’s hard to compete with all that as a man in a world where girls and women are being slowly turned against the men in their lives. With the amount of fear implanted in today’s woman, she’s reluctant to allow herself to trust a man, let alone take on any of his programmings even after sex. After all, in today’s short lived relationships, why should she download every man’s programming when there’ll likely be many more men after the first? This thought system damages a woman’s capacity to show full vulnerability to the man whom she allows to penetrate her with sexual love. It also minimizes the other life altering effects of sexual love that a man has the capacity to exchange with a woman. Our women are conflicted about who to be loyal to. She has her family’s wishes and the demands of a job or a career; she has a hard time committing to a man because she knows she’ll develop a “dependency burden” on him. It’s a tough spot for our women because the influence to be independent and single is so much stronger than the influence to be a wife. Men who are victims of the pseudo-masculine driven society only make things worse with their high demands for sexual relations with women they have no idea of how to love or how to lead. These women are overloaded with the energies of multiple partners and they often end up too insecure to fully trust a man.

The issue is that many women don’t see the programming they’re getting from society. They don’t see how it’s competing for the space that should be occupied by the energy of the man she’ll marry. She instead is being convinced that she can have two masters, when no one can. This is a set up for the entire destabilization of the family unit. After over 40 years in this realm, the evidence is plain and clear that this has all been one big set up. Men program their women through continued relations and physical consummation. This is our special touch and our special gift to them. You have the ability to touch her mind and her body with the precision of surgeon- the only requirement is to know yourself before you go this route.


Look at your impact on your women’s lives

With just a little bit of sex look how a man can transform the behavior of a woman. There’s no exploration into this phenomenon because today’s agenda promotes the rise of femal power.  Sex is powerful medicine and the man is the doctor who prescribes the medicine. Look at the impact that you’ve had on the lives of the women you’ve had sex with. Other than the hoes who had sex with you and everybody else, the women you had the most sex with eventually became a reflection of you. The hoes were conditioned to keep it moving after each guy. They don’t have sex to receive from you, they have sex to release stress or to gain leverage. The women who you had long term relationships  and consistent sex life with will even have remnants of your programming and behavior after you two have separated. Even more science is that some of these women who you had long term sexual relations with will look for you in the men they move on to. The media machine tells them they can find another man easily, but that’s not true. No two men are the same and many women who received high levels of sexual contact from one man over a long term period of time will yearn for his touch, his love, his guidance and his protection while with a new man. This is biology that is happening all the time. Soul ties are real because sex is such a powerful medicine and when people continue to have high energy sex the soul ties intensify. Eventually even a promiscuous woman will learn that after a strong sexual connection has been established, after that not just any man will do. A man who understands his sexual powers will take a woman to levels she can’t reach on her own and she’ll become dependent on receiving that energy from him. This is why sex  must be an intentional act where a man is fully conscious of his state of mind and being when he enters the vaginal portal of his woman. This is within man’s power- he must learn to harness it.

Learn how to be intentional with sex

The confused and fatherless, hyper-aggressive pseudo-masculine male of today are slaves to their appetites. They’ve been biochemically immobilized rendering them in a position where they’ll spiral downwards without having experienced purposeful living and the attainment of a lifestyle that gives them the feeling of freedom. Today’s marriage-less society encourages casual sex as the standard so sex can come easily if you’re good looking or fit the status quo in some shape or form. Sometimes all you need is a good job or a good car and you’re guaranteed at an opportunity at easy and often meaningless sex. This is the dungeon where many men get stuck in either because they’ve lost control of their impulses or they confuse sex with love. Both are self-destructive and neither helps to build strong families.

It only takes a few seconds to make a baby. It takes much longer to make love and even longer to become a skillful enough lover to impact and influence the life of the woman you make love to. No one learned this in school and very few parents taught this to their children. Imagine if we were taught this as boys? Where would men be today if we approached sex as a means to assimilate a woman into our way of life? (This still wouldn’t mean you choose someone random to have sex with and convert.) Instead we’ve been sexually over stimulated by society to react to sex impulsively.  Many single men and women today treat sex as random acts of hedonism rather than the sacred art of merging souls. In the ancient times men understood the power of intercourse and they also knew knew that boys had to become men before being exposed to sex and sexuality. They also knew of the potential misuses of sexual energy by underdeveloped youth. Sex is a powerful tool that a man can use to recreate himself in his woman and children. If a man can’t perform to this capacity, his woman will not feel the magnitude of his love and their sexual connection will begin to fade.

“The quality of a man’s thoughts are directly linked to the quality of his biochemistry. “ Phil Valentine

Program her right or don’t have sex at all.


Was this real or nah?
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