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The Entitled Baby Mother

Written by Nakada

Over the years, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard baby mothers say, “I am the mother of your child” to a man. And every time I hear it I wonder if these women even know how demeaning the tittle actually is to them. The fact that she resorts to saying this to him also indicates that there’s no other title of relevance that she can use to describe herself. Having a child only makes an unmarried and perpetually single woman important to a sucker. Somebody who is going to allow for her to wield power just because their two minute sexual contact resulted in pregnancy. Unfortunately for most of our culture today, women are having babies without any kind of idea of what it means to be a wife, by men who have no idea what it means to be a husband or a father. What’s even more unfortunate is that many of these men and women don’t understand that they’re not doing it right. Yet still these women feel that having the baby grants them the same treatment as a wife. If a woman has a child for a man she’s consistently shown her love and loyalty to and he reciprocates that love and loyalty then perhaps these two can get married someday (or stay together unmarried as people tend to do these days). But for women to just get knocked up and feel that the baby has made her the top priority in a man’s life is some real entitled behavior. This is can be a very dangerous woman.

A sucker is born every day and they’re some real convincing women out there who feel highly of themselves and will use psychology to convince a man of her importance just because she had a baby with his last name. If a man is inexperienced he might buy into her entitlement because he wants to be a present father to his children and feels pleasing her is the easiest route to staying involved. He might feel the need to bust his butt for her and as righteous as that act may seem, what if she’ll never do anything close to that for him because of her disposition in life? When will he learn this– after he busts his butt and she leaves with the child? Or will he never learn?

People think some of these men who flip and go crazy on these women just do it for no reason. Many or them are men whose vulnerability have been preyed upon by women in general and lose their shits when they’ve had enough. Know this: a wife caliber woman’s intention is to be married to you from day one, not to get knocked up and hustle you for money or resources. But this is what society at larges encourages single mothers to do. A wife caliber woman will treat a man with respect from day one, she won’t play the “you gotta earn it game” nor the I’m the most important parent game either. A wife caliber woman knows that being a baby mother is not a position of entitlement and refuses to put herself into these categories- even if she had a baby unmarried. She won’t resort to boosting her self-relevance to hustle or entrap the child’s father. Everyone reading this right now who has been exposed to this culture knows exactly the kind of baby mother I’m talking about.

Baby Mother Varieties

You’ve got two kinds of single mothers:

1) She who has a baby for her– It’s all about her and her need for someone to love; someone who will idolize her resulting in a boost of her self-importance in the eyes of the world. She’s constantly looking for someone to shower her with love, affection and empathy.

2) She who had a baby from highly addictive casual sex with hopes to keep the father in her back pocket.

**Women who got pregnant accidentally and have babies are silly girls who don’t know any game at all. They don’t get a category. 

**Divorced mothers are different b/c they could’ve gotten married and still be either #1 or #2 

The Rundown 

Baby mother #2 wants to or wanted to be with the father. That desire to be with him is usually for all the wrong reasons like how good looking he is, his good D, his social status or the material possessions he has. Because he’s the prize she’s seeking (temporarily like a fix), she’s willing to experiment and do whatever increases the chances of them being together. She just didn’t know that having a baby isn’t how you do it. And after she finds this out and she’s over the man, she tries to manipulate him with the child. She wanted a man, not a child, so she could care less whether the child has a present father or not. Whatever she was looking for in the father, she’ll soon be looking for in someone else (just with free medicaid, foods stamps and EIC tax refunds). To the next sucker and potential baby father, she’s a great asset and a good f*ck.

Baby mother #1 is the one who feels extremely entitled because she’s “the mother of your child.” She values the child more than the man because she’s been duped by society. In her mind this makes sense and is what she considers to be the proper order– but that she and all of the false feminist inspired thought process are so wrong and contrary to the normal order of man and woman. Most of her concepts on love are fairy tales derived from movies that have never been proven to be true among “normal” people. She’s likely to be from a single parent home where all she ever saw was one way love– her mother loving her and her siblings, but never her mother giving and receiving the love of a father/husband. How in TF is the average man supposed to actually know that 70% of single parent products will perpetuate their home environment? Sheeeeet, I didn’t know this. When I had children I thought women from single parent mom homes automatically wanted good fathers around- especially since they never had one. But sadly, baby mother #2 only respects the role the woman plays and feels the father’s needs are secondary to hers especially because she “carried a baby for nine months.” In these kind of women, they’ll claim the child is everything to them, but if you pay close attention you’ll see that no one is more important to her than her. She’ll play the victim if she ever feel her self-importance slipping.


Entitled baby mothers are by design

For some colored women having illegitimate children it’s a slave mentality that’s been passed down through the generations. You know- back in the day when massa made them promises of freedom or privileges for having more slave children. A significant portion of colored single mothers don’t have much trust or faith in the father and expect to raise the child on their own with government assistance, child support and tax credits. The hopes of those two is valid enough of a reason for her to dare to tough it out on her own as a single mother. Besides, you can’t trust men anyways! They’re all dogs. For white women, it’s a byproduct of liberal feminism where they were encouraged as of late that they don’t need a man (unless the man’s the government, child support or her job). For the men who fell victim these vaginas, they were often naive, reckless with sex or too damaged to give AF about anyone, including themselves. These dudes were done before they even started the game of life. Baby mothers love these guys because they get to blame him and be the victim instead of admitting that she ain’t know what TF she was doing with her vagina when she was serving samples of it out in these streets.

The entitled baby mothers will tell a man that he owes her for having his child. Apparently the government feels the same way, too because that’s who put that BS in their heads. The government gives them certain access for what seems like free, but is actually a debt they intend to collect from the father. If he can’t pay, then jail time for him and the kid gets no dad anyways (or really troubled on). The trippy part about this kind of woman is that she’ll run off with your child to another city or state and be vigilant about a man paying child support for the child she withholds from him. No working man will have the time or energy to be commuting excessively to see his child while also paying a hefty bill for a child that’s slowly being turned against him by a lunatic of a mother. They say– Oh well! Mn up! I say this is why men flip and end up depressed after not being able to properly respond to all that’s happening to him. It’s unrealistic, but so are these women who subscribe to this BS.

I’ll never understand the the moves of the entitled baby mother. Somebody ask them why exactly do they feel so entitled? Also ask them why when they don’t get the entitled treatment they’re looking for why do they resort to behaving like they own the child and use the child in their own game of thrones to get special treatment they don’t even deserve. Also ask her when did it ever make sense to remove a a child from their father in hopes of getting more money? Children, by the way, that the father is not only financially taking care of, but also spending quality time with every damn day. How does that make sense to them?

Entitled baby mamas will cart off  with the child then tell the father his money is the most ideal replacement for the time he no longer gets to spend with the child. If she’s not getting that money, then the first thing out of her mouth is how she’s doing it all on her own… But you chose that for yourself! She gets no sympathy for choosing this path. Some mothers abduct their children from the fathers in hopes to play a game of favorites to get the child to idolize her while others do this because they know how to work the system. This is coonery at it’s finest. Responsible women know that no matter what downs a good, steady and available father goes through in his life, removing the child from his presence will only make things worse between her and the father as well as damage the father’s connection with the child. This is that self-importance I spoke of earlier. She wants to be the one the child loves the most and that’s some real sad shit because she should be able to find a man who can love her. I wonder why she can’t.

Was this real or nah?
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