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Black Masculinity

What is black masculinity? Does it even exist?


What is black masculinity?

Was it ever based on true masculinity?

But real talk, the institution of manhood needs a complete overhaul because it was dragged out from underneath the feet of all men, but at a time where black men happened suffer the worst from it.

In this modern era, look what black men got in each decade and tell me what representation of manhood have we’ve been getting.

It didn’t take long after generations of enslavement that the black man’s idea of manhood would eventually become that of his master. That’s f*cked up isn’t it?

Black men literally had to either revolt against the injustices of white supremacy or evade it all together in order to have had the freedom to be his own man.

Post slavery many heroes were honored for their resilience to rise up from slavery to live a lifestyle of equal or comparable material possessions. Feels good, but this ideal only further supports the same ideals that had them enslaved in the first place. We’ve got heroes, but today’s heroes are made from their resistance to oppression.

We’ve never had a true representation of being a free man. One who lives in nature, pays no taxes, builds his own homes, knows the woods, the animals, makes fire, makes tools, finds water, etc. Where is this man? Why did most black man miss out on ever becoming this man?

You catch my drift? Listen to the audio podcast and leave me a comment. What is black masculinity today?

Was this real or nah?
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