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Inside Sneak Peak of Heart On Break book by Nakada [Video]

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Inside sneak peak at subjects covered in the Heart On Break book by Nakada 

Heart On Break by Nakada is an urban single man’s manual to taking time away from relationships to better himself. Think of your purpose and how easy it is to get distracted from it. Think of all of the things that are vying for your attention- your mother, your family, your job, your friends, your smartphone, social media, women, etc. It’s too easy to lose focus. But many men have gotten used to not being focused so they allow all these things to distract them from learning what they need to learn to live a life that fulfills their purpose.

Women would like to believe that men are dogs, but the truth is many men are a weak. We end up in relationships with women out of convenience and sex. When a man learns how valuable his time is, he won’t spend that time on just any old cute stranger he meets. Men coming from broken relationships are advised to take time away from relationships to learn how to trust self again and while making peace with the past and mistakes made with women and life.

There’s a time in life when you don’t know yourself and you accept a little bit of everything just to see if you like it. But once you know who you are, it becomes your job to make sure you get exactly what you’re looking for in life and in love. You only get that when you take time to explore you and know why you want what you want. Once you know what you want, there’s no need to settle for anything other than that, women included. It’s a matter of valuing yourself above women and any material things you have gained. It becomes about men respecting their masculinity enough to develop it without the interference of sex and the wrong women.

For more from the book, purchase a copy of Heart On Break here. Online courses and workshops will be coming soon for men who seriously need a breakthrough.

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When I followed my penis I got caught up. I then started following my purpose and all of a sudden everyone's up in arms about what I need to be doing with my life. They got mad, I politely told them to go f*ck themselves and continued to follow my purpose. Better pissed off than pissed on b/c no longer will I live for another soul but me. My book is about the break men must take to own their lives!

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