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Why men must cut off their baby mamas, exes and cut buddies

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Why men must cut off their baby mamas, exes and cut buddies

In the I have a chapter dedicated solely to men closing the door on all the wrong women in their lives. The main culprits are baby mamas, exes and cut buddies (or “friends with benefits”). These women are the easiest to keep around and the hardest to cut off. But men are not realizing that the reason why these women stick around is because we’re not doing the self-work needed to elevate above and beyond them. Many of these women exist within our weaknesses and our fears. When it comes to matters of self confidence and self worth or the need for love, many men attract women that fill the void they have. The best way to fill the void is to fill it with self love. No man will deeply love a woman if he doesn’t love himself.

Cutting off baby mamas, exes and friends with benefits is extremely important to preserving your energy and clearing your space of dead end relationships. Fill your need for sexual validation with hard work towards your business, spiritual, physical and health goals. Master your life and that will fuel your drive to succeed. Your desire for sex and other desires will come and go, but if you remain determined to fulfill your purpose, you’ll put that first and women will take a back seat.

Baby mamas, exes and cut buddies come with a lot of baggage. Some of the baggage you created in the relationship you have with her while other baggage they’ve had ever since ever since. Considering the dysfunctional state of mind you were in when you brought these women into your life, you must focus desperately on creating the state of mind where you will need to be in to eliminate them from your life.

There’s a reason a real relationship didn’t work out between you and them-baby moms, friends with benefits and exes. If you know for certainly that she can’t help you get better then that becomes the main reason why she needs to be eliminated. If she’s your baby mama, co-parenting can exist without sex. If it can’t, go to court and make sure it happens.

Have no mercy for women or relationships when you are dream chasing. Be fair, be balanced, but be relentless. When you are secure in your being and happy about the work you do in life, you will attract the same in a help mate who you can share love with as you continue to fulfill your life’s mission.

Am I over reacting? Or am I right?


Was this real or nah?
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When I followed my penis I got caught up. I then started following my purpose and all of a sudden everyone's up in arms about what I need to be doing with my life. They got mad, I politely told them to go f*ck themselves and continued to follow my purpose. Better pissed off than pissed on b/c no longer will I live for another soul but me. My book is about the break men must take to own their lives!

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